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Yucca TV delivers better features

Yucca Fiber TV delivers television service with stunning picture and sound quality, a robust channel lineup, Whole Home DVR and unique features such as Caller ID on TV, parental controls, and more.

Whole Home DVR – save money because you only pay for one DVR:

  • Record all your favorite programs – one show or an entire series
  • Conveniently record and watch from any TV in your home
  • Control/lock rental and adult content
  • Customize your channel guide and more!

DVR recording short cuts:

  • Press the record button once to record current show
  • Press the record button twice to record the entire series
  • Press the record button 3 times to stop all recording of programming

Even more features with Yucca TV:

  • Updated on screen channel guide:
  • Customization of the Channel Guide
    • Set up Favorite Channels
    • Pay-Per-View Events
  • On screen option for current local weather information
  • CC – Closed Caption
  • On Screen Language Control (Closed Caption)
  • On Screen Caller ID that works with your home phone
  • Parental Controls: Rental Locking, Child Locking and Adult Locking

Call us for more information on channels and pricing: (575) 226-2255. Order Services.