Yucca Telecom is proud to be a part of the community. Our local customer service reps and technicians often hear from our customers.

Spencer Purcell recently told us how he uses his internet and how much he appreciates the Yucca experience:

“Every time I go to the Yucca office I feel right at home. The staff are people that can help me with just about anything to do with my internet service. If I have questions about my Wi-Fi—or even need help with my laptop–they are always there to help. I use my 100 Mbps internet to run my day-to-day tasks. I also use it to game online…it’s very fast and works great.”


We asked Spencer about his interests and why he loves living in the area. Spencer shared this with us:

“I’m passionate about technology and how I can use that technology to change people’s lives for the better.

I work at the KENW news station and it was the Portales High School Media Arts class that prepared me for this job by giving me the tools I needed to expand my knowledge and experience across many different fields. One of the video projects I started working on at Portales High School (PHS) was the ENMU Rodeo. I have been familiar with rodeos for about 5 years now and have filmed and directed them quite a few times.

Portales is a great place to live. I love being able to find anything I need very easily. ENMU has given me an excellent experience…I love how close you can get with fellow classmates, and how you can actually talk to your professor and get to know them.”


Spencer has his eyes on a bright future:

“Video and broadcasting are my big interests. My first career would be to work in the television industry. Thanks to PHS, KENW and ENMU for giving me the skills to pursue a career like this.”