Kelsey Prince ~ ENMU student and owner of a new local business, Studio Extreme

As the area’s local provider of Internet and digital TV service, we often hear from our customers about how much they enjoy our services. Kelsey Prince recently told us how she uses her internet how much she appreciates the Yucca experience:

Kelsey is excited to say,
“Yucca Telecom employees are always helpful. Once, I was having trouble with my desktop’s Wi-Fi receiver and the Yucca tech, Jamie, helped me to solve the problem by getting a wireless USB receiver. They helped me solve the problem and find a workable solution. I love that the folks at Yucca are friendly and make me feel welcome with a smile and a greeting when I come into their store.

Yucca 100 Mbps internet is great for everything from homework to watching Netflix. As a communications and business student at ENMU, I stay connected and follow current events through news websites as well as social media. I also use Yucca services for pageant preparation and paperwork. Networking with others in my degree field, as well as my personal aspirations are very key to my success. Yucca services are excellent for relaxing such as online gaming on PlayStation.”

Kelsey is an active member of the ENMU Spirit Squad
Kelsey Prince is a great example of Student Success at ENMU

We asked Kelsey about her interests and why she loves living in the area:

Kelsey shared with us,
“I dance for ENMU Spirit Squad; I work with KENW, News 3 New Mexico, other Eastern publications, and the Miss New Mexico pageant. I am a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, and Toastmasters. I also stay involved with kids through volunteering at various community activities.

I love the pride that Eastern students have in being a Greyhound. I am impressed with the way the faculty members support students to help them find success in their education and beyond.

Portales and surrounding areas have such a close-knit feel that keeps us all grounded as family. If someone in our community has a need, we can be sure that someone will step up to lend a hand. I love being able to feel safe in my community.”

Kelsey, KENW NEWS3 New Mexico located in the Broadcast Center on ENMU campus
KENW NEWS 3 New Mexico – Kelsey Prince

Kelsey has many plans for the future:

Kelsey’s future is about success,
“I am looking forward to becoming a small business owner of a dance studio in Portales. I love dance and working with children of all ages. This is a dream of mine and I hope to inspire the dreams of many others.

I will continue to go to ENMU for a degree in Communications with emphases in Broadcast Production and Journalism, as well as a Business minor. In the future, my education will be very influential and supplemental to my current passions and line of work.

I am opening a dance studio at the old location of Landall’s, 401 South Ave C. The name of my studio is “Studio Extreme.” I will be sharing this space with Eastern New Mexico Tae Kwon Do (a new business in town) and Your Yoga Place. As you can see, this is a space for energy and movement! I will be offering classes of all kinds for all ages, including adults who may have danced and want to rekindle that passion. I am excited to be able to offer affordable dance classes that may inspire another individual to reach for their dreams and goals. Our first classes begin in July of 2017. Be looking for more information soon, or call/text 575-760- 0229 for information about the dance opportunities!”

Kelsey is a proud supporter of our ENMU Greyhounds
Kelsey is a proud supporter of the ENMU Greyhounds.