Yucca Telecom is home-grown and proud to be your local provider of Internet and digital TV service. Our customers are located in various areas of Roosevelt County. Our office is located in Portales, and we have many customers like Hannah Cabeldue who visit us and share how important their internet service is in their life:

Hannah: “I love the people and the accessibility of Yucca. I enjoy going into the store and seeing all of the smiling face. I also appreciate the reliability and speed of their internet service. I never doubt if anything will load on my Yucca internet and TV services I have. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that all of Yucca is there to help me.
The services are important to me because of the impact Yucca has made in my life. One aspect of my degree is Alternative Communication and using the internet to research these tasks is very important for me to truly succeed in my degree.
I have the fastest internet possible which helps with all of my online classes. Many of the classes major are online or have an online aspect to them. I have had many classes where I have needed to watch online videos and videos of my classes. My major also requires me to watch different videos for speech therapy techniques and the fast internet helps me to save time. It allows the videos to load quickly without the hassle of waiting for sites to load.”

We asked Hannah about her interests and why she loves living in the area. Hannah shared this with us:

“My main focus is to help people live their life to the fullest potential. I am passionate about helping people communicate effectively. Communication is the foundation to many aspects in each of our individual lives; including jobs, relationship with family and friends, and even ordering something to eat. My goal is to be able to help people communicate in order to benefit their daily activities.

I love the small town aspect of our community. I enjoy the people of the community just as much. I work at a local feed store, Creighton’s Town and Country. These people have come to know me by name as well. Yucca provides service for my personal life as well as my work life. I enjoy working at Creighton’s and getting to know and interact with all different aspects of people from the community. When I am at work and something happens to our service, I know that I can give Yucca a call and they will send one of their guys to come look at our internet. I love being able to know who is providing my service and that someone will answer when I give them a call. I enjoy knowing the faces behind their products.

It’s also wonderful to be able to attend college so close to home. Many of my ENMU classes are internet oriented and Yucca has made it easier on my studies as well. ENMU has a variety of classes and options that are either online or in the classroom. They have many options that are focused on benefiting every individual that walks through their doors. This statement can also be said for Yucca Telecom.”

What Hannah does in her “spare” time:

“I am recently affiliated with NSSHLA which is the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association.

Academics is only one half of the equation. I am a student-athlete and have been for a while now. Sports teach you dedication on the court and in the classroom. I am a Three-time State Champion for Portales High School. I currently have the state record set at 11’6 as of May 2016. I also have the school record and the class 4A district record. I was blessed enough to be able to make it to the next level–collegiate sports—with a scholarship for pole vaulting going into my freshman semester.

I received the Presidential scholarship from ENMU. This covers a large portion of my expenses while I am attending college. I have been blessed to have been able to go into my freshman year with enough credits to be classified as a sophomore. This has also helped save money for the betterment of my education. I also received various outside scholarships for my education as well.

In our community, I am highly involved with Central Christian Church. I attend their college bible study called Spectrum. I enjoy being a part of this church. They are doing great things for our community.”