September 21st, 2020 we will begin migrating to the upgraded TV service for all Yucca TV subscribers. If you have a lot of series recordings, we recommend you write down or take a picture of your scheduled recordings. You will find these by going into Menu > Recorded TV > Scheduled or Menu > Recorded TV > Series. Once the upgrade is completed, you will need to go into your guide or search function to set them up. Please see the FAQ’s for further details.

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Yucca TV Upgrade FAQ’s

Why are you upgrading?

  • With all technologies, hardware and software will become End of Life and no longer be supported. This is the reason we have to upgrade our servers and software.

When will this upgrade start?

  • We will begin the upgrade on September 21st  and expect to be completed by September 30th.

Can I opt out of the upgrade?

  • This is a mandatory upgrade and all customers must be moved to the new servers. We understand this can disrupt your life and are doing everything possible to minimize that disruption

Will (remote, guide, menu, recording, etc.) work any differently?

  • All functionality will look and feel the same except for one visual on the guide. You have been used to seeing the logo of the channel with the channel number. Now you will be seeing the Call Sign of the station along with the channel number.

Will my recordings be affected?

  • Yes recordings will be affected. Normally, an upgrade of this type would mean a loss of all recordings. However, we have worked to secure your recordings back to January 1st, 2019 (over one year). Unfortunately, any recordings before that date will be lost.

When will my older recordings be lost?

  • We will begin preparations at the beginning of September. These preparations include preparing all DVR’s for the upgrade. This means recordings older than January 1st, 2019 will be lost during that preparation period.

Will I have to re-schedule future recordings?

  • Yes. Unfortunately, this is the one thing we could not move to the new servers. You will need to re-schedule your recordings when the upgrade is complete for your area.

How will I know when my upgrade is complete?

  • We will be sending email updates to every customer we have email addresses for. If you haven’t given us an email address, please fill out the information on this page and we will get you set up. Also, we will keep this page updated with all markets scheduled and completed. Finally, right before the upgrade begins in your area, we will display a message on your screen to let you know it is beginning.

Will I need to do anything during or after this upgrade?

  • Yucca will take care of everything during the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, you will need to re-schedule your desired recordings.

Will I need to do anything during or after this upgrade?

  • Yucca will take care of everything during the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, you will need to re-schedule your desired recordings.

Will there be any new features?

  • Yes. We are excited to inform you we are now able to offer Time Shift. This feature allows you to go back in time to watch shows or movies you may have missed. Most programmers allow you to go back up to 72 hours. Please note: Most channels have this functionality, but there are some programmers that will not allow Time Shift and therefore this functionality is not available.

How does Time Shift work?

  • Open the guide and scroll to your desired channel. Use the left arrow key to scroll back in time to the show you wish to watch and press play. Please note: When using Time Shift, most channels do not allow you to fast forward.

Will I need new or additional equipment?

  • No. We have ensured all current equipment will work following the upgrade. If there are any issues with your service after this upgrade Yucca will take care of it.

Will my channel lineup change?

  • No. All channels you have in your package today will remain the same.

Will the price of my service change because of this upgrade?

  • No. We do not increase prices because of network changes/upgrades. The only reason prices go up every year is because programmers increase their prices every year.

What should I do if I have trouble with my service after the upgrade?

  • If you see any issue with your service, please call 575-226-2255 for Tech Support. We will move as quickly as possible to resolve any issues.