Yucca Telecom Fiber Upgrade

Yucca telecom is your local provider of high speed internet, digital TV and voice services. We are a cooperative (co-op), and that means:

•We are an organization that is owned and controlled by the people who use its services.
• As a co-op, we are not motivated by profits, but by delivering high quality services that meets the needs of our members—at the most affordable rates possible.

Good news: we’re upgrading your fiber network!
We’re empowering residences and businesses in Texico by making technological improvements to the fiber network. This will allow us to bring you:

Faster, more reliable internet
• Unlimited internet – no data caps
• Same upload and download speeds
• No installation fee (limited time offer)

Better TV
• Amazing sound and picture quality
• Popular packages
• Free HD and Whole Home DVR

Voice services: unlimited calling, long distance

Call us at 866-239-6858 or 575-226 – 2255 for more information.

*Some restrictions apply!