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World class long distance is available from your local telephone company.

Plan Monthly Fee Per minute
Basic $0 15¢
Balanced $4.95 10¢
Preferred $4.95 7¢ out-of-state calls, 14¢ in-state calls
Value Talk 300* $19.95

$0 for first 300 minutes. Additional minutes $.10/minute.

We've made it easy for you to choose the long distance calling plan that best suits your calling patterns.
  • Enjoy no minimum calling requirements.
  • Receive one bill for all your local and long distance charges.
  • No hidden charges.

    * Value Talk 300 includes 300 toll minutes per month within the continental U.S. Minutes do not carry over month-to-month. Prices shown above do not include local service or applicable taxes and surcharges.

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