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Since we began offering essential telephone service to greater Roosevelt County in 1951, we’ve focused on providing cutting edge technology to everyone in our service area. By maintaining advances in telecommunications, our subscribers can enjoy the benefits of a rural lifestyle while keeping in touch with the world.

Our heritage is deeply rooted in member-owned philosophy. We’re still locally owned and operated and we take pride in taking an active role in the success of our community. The Co-op’s operations are overseen by a nine member board, with each section of the serving area represented. The board meets once a month to set policies.

Over the years, Yucca Telecom has grown from a simple local phone provider to a full-service company that also offers voice mail, cellular phone service, long distance, and high-speed Internet access. Technology has changed the way many of our services are brought to you, but it hasn’t changed our commitment to provide quality service at all times and personal help when you need it.

1949 Mr. W. G. Vinzant, county agent, acted as temporary chairman of a meeting explaining interest in organizing a co-op. Mr. Jay Morgan, an attorney, explained that President Harry Truman signed bill H.R. 2960 on October 28, 1949 authorizing the approval of low interest loans for providing telephones where large telephone companies would not go. It was at this meeting that the Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Cooperative (RCRTC) was formed. The following directors were elected: Ben McAlister, George Ross, Mayo Varnell, Lewis Cooper, A.A. Killion, C.G. Norton, and Sharbutt Owens, with Ben McAlister elected as President.

May 4, 1951 RCRTC was incorporated and began under joint management with Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative with a separate Board of Directors.

August 29, 1951 A contract was signed for a $486,000 loan from the Rural Electrification Administration. The contract called for exchanges at Dora and Elida and for construction of four unattended dial-type central offices. This would result in 883.2 miles of line to serve 1178 rural subscribers. It was required that the local co-op have $36,999 capital constituting of 900 $5.00 memberships and equities of $45 from 700 of the 900 members. The requirement was met.

1970s RCRTC converted to all private lines and 95% of the cable was buried (as opposed to aerial). In 1979 the Telephone Cooperative separated from the Electric Cooperative.

1980s On January 1, 1983 RCRTC purchased Melrose exchange from Continental Telephone Company and proceeded to bury cable and install a digital switch in Melrose and Arch exchanges. In 1989 all exchanges were upgraded and converted to digital.

1990s RCRTC purchased Texico Exchange from U.S. West in 1996.

RCRTC formed a subsidiary, Yucca Communications, in order to compete against Qwest to offer services in Portales.
In June 2005, Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Cooperative and Yucca Communications introduced a new name – Yucca Telecom – that represents all services provided by, and customers served by, both companies.

Today the Yucca Telecom serves 2216 access lines more than 1447 miles of buried cable that encompasses eight exchanges. The service area covers 3400 square miles in Roosevelt, Curry, DeBaca, Chaves and Lea Counties.

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